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Originally Posted by TURIN View Post
Ah, I'm beginning to understand now. If the constitution had been written during a time of great leaps in medical science and "...Provide for the Common Health..." had been added then we wouldn't be having this conversation?

So, opposition to universal health care for all has nought to do with socialism but everything to do with historical precedent.

How odd.
Yes it is. Unless you understand the document sufficient to get that it is limiting of the government, and freeing of the people.
The Powers of the government are enumerated, and if there is one or more not listed, it (or they) do not exist,

One is free to oppose or support any concept one wishes, short of causing harm to another.

It is the individual who is sovereign, not the State. That is implicit in the granting and limiting of the government’s duty in the document itself...

See, you have a mindset that Government’s duty is to provide. That is uniquely European.

The duty to provide belongs to each individual, unto himself.

So It can be as abhorrent to an American that Government provide as it is for it to withhold provision, save for the limited and listed (enumerated) powers.

sumthin like that,

“....for the general welfare...” Are you looking at that? We could discuss that, and perhaps meet in the middle of the mud puddle....

The enabling documents are NOT ideological, they are existential...

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