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I agree with you Ethical in general if not on each specific. I think it was a good article though as it reflects the continuum of national decision making. Different things are tried--those that work are used as a stepping stone whilst those that don't are either modified or discarded. Except for the cranks on the side, I think most people realize this is a sub-millimeter at a time game of progress unless there is something completely out of the blue that upsets the apple cart.

No reasonable person expected that after Singapore Kim would rush out, without even unpacking his suitcase, with a blow torch to start dismantling the weapons and their facilities.

What I enjoyed about the article, and now this news of Pompeo staying at home for the weekend, is in watching what pressures will now be brought to the problem. The bottom line is that Kim needs to show some good faith or anything close to being on the path to that. I think everyone knew that the Americans would not pull back too far over the horizon on this. They have a vested interest and Kim would be making a grave error to think that he is going to push them, by hook or crook, off the peninsula.

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