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Originally Posted by Nurse2Pilot View Post
I'm not making anything, I'm asking. Might be best to learn the difference before accusing someone of being bitter. I'd appreciate it if you don't project your feelings on my posts. Thanks!
Iím very happy with my lot and not at all bitter, thanks. A major factor in that was my personal choice to try and prioritise life outside of work. I love what I do for a living, but blindly prioritising it above all else didnít make me happy. Thus, if I found myself in the original posterís position I would take the ATR job, but thatís very much personal preference.

I take exception to the assumptions you made in your post. Having worked extremely hard in the early part of my career has led me to where I am today, and affords me the life experience to share what I learnt. Doesnít mean itís right for everyone, but I certainly donít sit in a gold plated castle offering my opinions to the Ďlittle peopleí at the beginning of their careers.

To the OP; my turboprop flying was by far and away the most fun and rewarding in my career. The Airbus is a pleasant working environment, but the Ďfuní factor isnít the same. Youíre a pilot on one and an operator on the other. If you can afford to, and you want to, Iíd take the ATR job and enjoy life with those you love.
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