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Originally Posted by Nurse2Pilot View Post
I guess it's nice to say "it's just a job" when the finances are in order. I'd wager to say that for the new pilots, chasing the rabbit or the financial aspect would be more important as there are debts to pay and goals to tick off, yes? With a healthy bank balance and significant hours of experience opening up good employment options, I guess priorities can then shift to quality of life.
You're making quite a lot of baseless assumptions there. A shame to be so bitter when were all offering PERSONAL experiences and opinions. Id have done anything to get home earlier in my career, including taking a significant pay cut or moving on to a smaller aircraft even though Id have struggled financially to do so.

Incidentally, I didnt realise you had access to my bank account to make yet more baseless comments about the personal situation of a stranger. If youre just starting out in this industry, youre going to struggle with that attitude.
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