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a) Quality of life is very important. Living in a bedsit/flat by yourself away from your family and friends in a “foreign” country just to climb up the aviation ladder is a big ask. (I once did it for a year, although not in Eastern Europe).

b) You are young, free and single. Now is the ideal time to live abroad - especially to gain an A320 rating. With that, (half) the world is your oyster.

c) If the company is who I think it is, are they not basing some aircraft in the UK now?, in which case there may be a possibility for you to move to a UK base with them? Or at least have some night stops in the UK.

d) Sadly, a turboprop rating does not seem to count for much. It should do. I flew turboprops for three years before getting onto jets, and I know that turboprop flying is much more challenging and difficult than modern jets. (But more fun, when you are in the mood).

e) If you want to actually FLY, go for the turboprop. The Airbus is not the same flying experience.

Good luck !
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