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..'hierarchy of the system'... Mmm.... Not sure there is such a thing in the "Great Blancmange of CAsA" and the Oz regulatory mish-mash.
Be advised that the suite of Regulations, Instruments, Exemptions and 'Expositions' in this country are the most convoluted, complex and contradictory in the known world.
The K.I.S.S. principle of simplicity and plain english, went out the window about 30+ years ago, and the rise and rise of a loony self-serving bureaucrazy, that has become a law unto itself, has now just about got GA so bogged down with BS, its on its knees.

When folk are busy trying to earn a living, individuals cannot fight the continual battle of bureaucarts inserting themselves into the 'minuatae'? of (your) aviation life..micro-managing the sh*t out of everything you do..
And if you do fight back, and criticise...then you WILL be targeted.
Just remember ..every aviator in Oz is either a terrorist with/without an ASIC card, or a strict liability criminal that will be soon caught out on something/ anything...however minor ...and in many cases, having SFA to to with real world safety, either.

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