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Anyway, I hear a whole bunch of Comair people actually went for interviews at Safair! Well.....ten, or something like that. There's definitely one person making the move already though, going from F/O to Captain I think, so it makes sense with Comair's horrible in comparison time to command. And two Captains who timex'd out of Comair now fly for Safair too, but that's a different story. How's that for a turnaround! Comair's quality of life is abysmal I hear right now, with lots of hotel time away from home, always brutal on the family. So sleeping at home is a pull. 60 - 75 hours is also less work than Comair, who seem to be up at 75-80 according to what I know. I guess Safair seems to have worked out that they don't want to be the 'Comair pilot training pool' company. With a faster time to command, better money in the short term assuming quicker command with the associated salary, it sounds like it's looking up for them.

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