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ATR at home base or A320 abroad...

Dear ppruners,

I have myself a predicament, not a bad one to have but a predicament none the less....
My background, plus 1500hrs, been flying since 2011, single, no kids etc. I'm in my early 30s

I've been offered an FO position at my home base on an ATR with a small but reputable airline in the EU. With my experience I could be offered command as soon as 18 months. I can expect about 750 hours per year.

I've also been offered an FO position on an A320 with a LCC carrier but I would have to relocate to Eastern Europe. This is also a reputable company, based out of the EU. Time for command for the A320 job is about 5 years and I will fly close to max duty per year. This company has over 100 aircraft...

Both companies offer bonds, with decent refund at the end, both bonds are there about 4 years. So I see them as about even in this respect.

My problem: I've already lived abroad for many years and I would love to be at home. I've never had an airline job, just piston and corporate. Logic tells me to take the A320 job as it will give me far more opportunities in the future. I've burned a couple of years flying at low hour corporate gigs and feel like my career progression will be further stunted by taking an ATR job when I have a jet one right in front of me.

On the other hand, I would love to fly the ATR first and foremost, I feel like it would be a really fun aircraft and more challenging than the bus. I also really like the company, I've heard good things about the environment there and if/when I make command I'd be on decent money, and of course I'd be at my home. My worry is I may regret this a few years down the line if things start to slow down, I could get stuck in the turbo prop league. Or if the company goes down the shitter I'd be out of a job with an ATR type vs an A320 type, the company has been doing well and is projected to do well. But it clearly has tighter margins than a company with 100 plus aircraft.

Also, if I do move onto a jet later won't I just be a couple years behind myself for the rest of my career by joining the jet league later on??

I've all but made up my mind, but would love to hear anyone's experience or opinion on the matter.....

Thanks all
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