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Originally Posted by Duckbutt View Post
I understand the point you are making, posting this just to make it clear that I do not dislike cats but am merely completely indifferent to them ie I care about them just as much as they care about me. Not infighting but not prepared to let a comment such as "If it pee's .. Its natural, sod the other passengers" pass without a response.
Show me a Kitten that can put its paw up and Speak in a Vocal Form " please I need to pee, take me to the loo " . In fact show me a baby of equivalent age that can do the same... I am pretty sure a baby dumping in its nappy is more potent and noxiously noticeable than a kitten having a discrete wee in its blanket.

Considering some of the pond life we all have had to sit next to on various train trips, who have never been in contact with soap, warm water or deodorant, the aforementioned is nothing in comparison.

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