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Originally Posted by Adam Barfy View Post
As an iranian born dual national, she is considered moslem, therfore should not have consumed any alcohol.
Moslems are not allowed to hold a liquor licence, so there may actually be a law banning them fom consuming.
Mr and Mrs average westerner dont need to worry about having alcohol on flghts, despite the Daily Mails BS.

i have personally witnessed Iranians being sent back to duty free to refund their alcohol purchases.

Good point. For sure they cannot hold the license, and I believe if found to be intoxicated in UAE a Muslim would be charged not only with being drunk in public but consumption of such (cannot recall where I read this but automatic 3 ((30?)) days in jail?)

Not the wrong habibi, just one that wasn't going to put up with the tantrum. She probably pulls this all the time to various staff to get her own way; people like this usually do and then cry foul when called on their BS.

I've found Immigration in Dubai to be without exception polite even if there is some passport or ticket issue. But then again I've never shouted at nor photographed them...
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