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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
Which worryingly is the weapon that GMP are now suggesting was used. I'm sure your lad has more sense however than to be on the streets of Moss Side at 02:30 on a Sunday morning!!!
Yes, he says he went home earlier than that because it started raining.

He does always call the cops before getting the gun out and using it, he doesn't want to be shot by some overenthusiastic policeman. His current problem is that he's moving to a slightly more dodgy area of Manchester (he can't afford to buy where he's renting), so does he

(a) keep the gun in the car, risking someone breaking into the car to steal it, or
(b) keep the gun in the house, but that's worse because people will know it's there because they'll see him carrying it in and out.

I think he's currently leaning towards leaving it in the car, under a heap of manky junk, and hoping that nobody will know it's there.
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