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I ask again, why bother??
I will bite, great history lesson and all that, well written as usual but ...

For my money I would get a Cub, Scout, Decathlon, Maule etc. That said, for the 150 though
You get a higher cruise speed, about 5 knots
You get a shorter ground roll albeit the distance to 50 feet remains the same
You get a stronger aeroplane more suited to bush airstrips
You shave around 3 kg off the BEW
You get an ideal aeroplane to offer tailwheel endorsements in and one in my opinion that will bite the careless more so than some others
As someone else said, if you get an old straight tail you will end up with a remarkably good looking aeroplane that looks like a mini 185 but even the slant atil models get vastly improved looks. (I know this is not a great reason)

In my neighborhood there is one of these conversions with a 150 hp O320 up front. The owner regularly flies it into airstrips that would be all but impossible in its original guise.
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