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agree to your corrections regarding larger distance from Mutta Rodunda.

Regarding the calculated position of the JU52 from the picture #157 (my post #186) it would be only 12 to 16 seconds time from there to fly to the Segnespass (657m distance to the photographer close to the lodge), subject to speed. But not much time to gain significant height with climb rate of maybe 2m/s when fully loaded at higher altitude/high temperature. Maybe somebody can calculate that figure. A northerly head wind coming over the ridge and going down the valley with conservative 30km/h = 8m/s would further reduce the effective climb rate a lot.

Actually the crash site is located less than 50m north of that straight line, which would fit to the left bank attitude visible in the last photo. And with only 200m distance from the last photo position to crash site this gives just 4-5 seconds remaining bevor the tragedy occurs. This does not tell us if the intended flight path was to still go over the pass with a low margin, or into a 180 turn. However, with the JU52 position at that time not far from the middle of the valley, the turn radius would have to be less than around 300m.

You can find a map with positions and view lines if you copy this link to swiss map: s.geo.admin.ch/7c4ffa5367
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