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Wasn't the whole point of the Stobart ATR operation to prove that the routes were viable, and to attract larger airlines on to them?
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That's exactly right and it does seem to be working.
I am somewhat confused here - wasn't the comment or topic related to the Budapest announcement?

If it was in general then fair enough but if relation to Budapest isn't the aircraft the 195 (or should have been most times) and if so doesn't the CAA figures show that they would more than likely scare any airline away rather than encourage competition in respect of Budapest?

2017 CAA stats show 13299 passengers in total with the punctuality stats showing Flybe operated 172 sectors and Stobart 34 which is 206 sectors making the average passenger figure 65 per flight and using 118 seats equals a load factor of 55%.

Even if you convert the 13299 pax into 12 months (I believe this is from May 17) it is only around 23000 passengers and at twice a week it equates to 110 pax per flight which sounds very light on an A319 and nowhere near easyjets fleet-wide average. Naturally easyjet's competitive pricing will add several thousand passengers to start with and indeed it might work out for them (and no doubt will in the early days) but hardly a guaranteed success and I would say the Stobart's figures flag up massive warnings rather than a goldmine.

If some of my figures are wide of the mark please let me know but I have used the CAA actuals for passenger figures and the punctuality stats for the number of sectors although I have no idea if the 195 operated all the sectors.

Just my thoughts

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