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Gulp. Thanks chaps. One is a bit overawed after reading in. I should stress that I'm way past needing photographic perfection, I'm just hanging on with somewhat variable eyesight having agreed this week with my eye surgeon to stop wasting public money on chasing perfection. Pity, 18 months ago I was 20/20 or better. Gone is the 635 Twin turbo, and gone is my huge hi-fi as my hearing was abruptly destroyed by cochlea hydrops. But I'm living in my old home town with many of my contemporaries falling, or having fallen, off the perch . . . or indeed not able to remember what a perch is.

I've recently been forced to move home - something I'd dreaded and never really thought would happen - and my wonderful old LG went TU just before the move. Prior to that I'd just sold a huge Dell monitor previously owned by a photographer and would have been a reasonable datum on which to base settings. LSS, I'm on a borrowed Dell of modest res, though it has to be said the LG, favoured by me because it could frame at 72, was exactly the same. The NVIDIA cards are somewhat modest, sub two-hundred quid retail. So, maybe time to upgrade card and monitor, well, the latter is a given.

I don't recall the gamma issue with the big Dell, but never used it other than check it out for curiosity. Pity, it may have been quite different.

During all of my last year's efforts the Application's setting has resulted in a whitewashed mess. Switching to NVIDIA at least allowed me to pull the gamma down to point-four to make some normality. The setting quoted above would white-out the picture so I guess it's now: buy a monitor of some worth, use Applications settings and start calibrating from scratch.

I've got a lot to go on for now but a decent monitor is a must. The best I've ever had was in Texas on a big ASUS driven by an ASUS laptop with a bizarrely high resolution when used on its own screen. It was breathtaking, but I've been home over four years now so that's probably way outdated.

I'm puzzled by the references to HDMI, they seem like a veiled criticism of the technology. I'm using DVI / DVLI at the moment. Is there a more up to date interface to aim for?

Much of my time these days is on Quora. I'm astonished at how many of my posts are being re-promulgated. My main aim is to get my model of gravitational inflow across before I pop off, but I fear my zany sense of humour, far from being rejected, is the main reason for my 15 seconds of fame.

Anyway, this has piqued my interest and I will delve into the above posts again in the light of a new day.

Thanks again.
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