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How to transfer a type rating from a foreign ATP to FAA ATP license

Hello All,
Wondered if I could get any advice from any former expats. I have an FAA ATP license however, for the past 10 years have been living and working overseas as an A330 captain. Would like to transfer my A330 type rating onto my FAA ATP. Applied for and received the foreign pilots license verification letter from the FAA. They advise the next step is to visit a local FSDO office. However, when I contacted them they sent me a list of DPEs to contact instead. All the DPEs I have called only deal in transfer of foreign license to FAA private pilot license.

I am trying to avoid having to pay for and fly to the US to take another type ride...If anyone has any advise on how to accomplish this, or a person to contact (all the FAA numbers I call seem to be automated answering machines) for help I would be very grateful!
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