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Agree with those who reckon that the Irish border issues are a non-issue, IMHO they are being raised by those disingenuous remain people who forget all the other stated places that don’t currently have border issues and are not in the EU, or any constituent parts of it for that matter, the only difference is they are not trying to leave and have people who will stoop to the lowest levels possible to win their way of staying in, no matter what the cost to the UK, and the government is not doing much to scotch any of the latest anti exit rhetoric, in fact they are actually behind some/most of it.

As for all this talk of a ‘no deal’ there is technically no such thing, as all that will happen is trading will continue under WTO and tariffs may or may not be applied, although one area that will change is the current EU tariffs the UK has to pay for importing from non-EU countries will stop, oh and the ‘tariff’, or payment, the UK make each year to the EU for the privilege of that free movement and trade should also stop, all depending on whether May and Co don’t surrender the UK to remain tied to EU control and continue to pay for the privilege of being in that position, and without a say.
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