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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
  • To ensure the continued open border between UK and Republic of Ireland (probably, politically the most important reason)
  • To ensure continued unfettered access to European markets for the many international businesses that have chosen to base themselves in the UK as their country of choice within the EU. Also to ensure the UK financial services industry retains, and can grow it's influence across Europe.
  • To ensure all our population has free, unfettered access to working and living throughout the EU
  • To ensure our working population retains the protections that would never have been brought in were the UK not pushed, shoved and cajoled into accepting (annual leave, working time etc)
  • To enable our fruit and veg farmers, hospitality providers, road hauliers have free access to workers who want to do the work that frankly many Brits who are unemployed don't want to, not can't, do.

That'll do for starters. I'm sure other among the enlightened on this thread can come up with a few more.
Thanks for the reply. I'm yet to be convinced:

The Irish border is a non-issue. The UK government, the EU and the Irish government have all stated that they have no intention of imposing a hard border.

Trade related concerns may be real, but they're manageable and there may be as much upside as downside.

Yes, the right to live and work anywhere in the EU is a useful facility, for those few lucky enough to take advantage. It is of course, more of an inward than an outward flow of labour, due to the English language and the lower wages in many countries. But it was possible to work and live in Europe pre EU, though not so easy as now.

This country lead the world with equal rights for female workers and other 'just' legislation. We can give workers as much protection as society demands, once we've left. We didn't need the EU to tell us to do the right thing in the past and we won't in the future.

If I were a farmer, or any sort of employer, then Poles would be my choice of employee - they're great people, brilliant workers. But it would be better for the UK if our unemployed were encouraged to do the work. Farmers/supermarkets/consumers can afford another 10p on the price of a bag of spuds to encourage our reluctant workers.
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