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Looping the T31

I have to say I never saw one looped, but I did 'experience' a slightly unusual trip with Douggie King at the end of my A&B at Swanton in the 60's .
On the Friday afternoon it transpired I had not actually flown the required no of launches for the A&B even though I had completed the 3 solo's.
The remedy was to put me back in the front seat of a MK3 and be flown by Douggie to satisfy the paperwork.
We shot up the launch and then proceeded to imitate a tank busting (Typhoon attack) on the main hangar starting with a near half roll and pull through, and then after a suitable dive yet another pull up wingover and final run before running out of steam.
This was repeated on the other launch and of course being such a memorable ride to a 16yr old was the excuse for much 'practice' of this in the future. My 3822 logged it as 'beat ups' so I was ever grateful to Douggie for this 'Check Out' !!!!, and still keep in current practice.
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