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I had a couple.
Most interesting 206L at gross weight... engine exploded.
270 auto from 700 feet to a sandpit. Hot day no wind. 1000 ASL. Got it stopped because I could not do a run on but bent the rear cross tube a lot and the FWD cross tube a little because we hit hard. I got the aircraft level from the turn at about 50 feet.
Called the boss at 0800 on a Sunday morning and told him I needed some spare parts.
He said "What do you need?"
I said "A new engine and 2 cross tubes!"
He said " How much fuel did you have and how much oil?"
I said "530 lbs of fuel and full oil which is burned blacker than Sh*t. The engine exploded!"
He said "Well done! parts will be sent immediately!"
I was back in the air in 24 hours. LOL
I should have kept the RPM a little bit lower in the turn and the airspeed a little bit higher but always said that what saved us was that in training we always did full on outos.

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