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Originally Posted by bex88 View Post
Nice! the junior BMI guys get stuffed. That said even the senior ones too. Join at the bottom and stay at the bottom for your entire career. No progression from a rostering stand point. No choice, low to no roster satisfaction and all enforced by BALPA. I even took this up with AB and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders.
Steady on bex... all EMBA as it were have had the choice from day 1 to go to LH in the RHS, continue in the LHS or take up until recently out of seniority protected commands. In fact all the Commands this & last year were protected... only 2016 saw it drop to & past their seniority. Not bad considering they joined BA in 2012 having commands & RHS LH since day one, whilst others senior to them had to sit out their 5 year engagement freeze. But I like others didnít complain as it was the deal that was signed. If theyíre junior & in the bubble thatís their choice! Could have gone to LH & be nearly 50% for example on the jumbo.... & if Iím not mistaken it was the bmi list that chose to turn down the last zipper solution not the BA list.... Not a bmi bash but letís state the facts, most feel theyíve done very well. Itís the same for BA guys, was on the bus the other day & a junior BA SH skipper was complaining heíd gone down 3 or 4% & it wasnít fair.... weíll could have gone to LH.... his choice, you only have to be junior once!

Anyway back to the thread... good luck to those applying.

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