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John Eacott
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fijdor, 6 is 7 too many!

I had an interesting B206 engine failure on short finals to the World Trade Centre helipad on the Yarra River, Melbourne. With nowhere else to go but the pad (the river wasn't a preferable option) I was happy to be making a steep approach with the knowledge that I'd make the pad in an emergency.

The C20 compressor had lost a stator in the fourth stage which corncob'd the remainder of the compressor; the remainder of the power train kept running at idle so having arrived on the deck with an armful of collective it presented a puzzling set of instrument indications! As an aside, Rolls Royce were less than helpful as the case halves were only ~200 hours and failed due to corrosion below the liner yet they claimed it was lack of maintenance on my part. A year later and some 6-10 identical failures later in Australian Army Kiowas, R-R paid out the Army: my cost was into six figures and was denied compensation
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