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#1) was with B47, I had a grand total of 25hrs. I started it and the instructor finished it. #2) Again with the same B47 I had about 80 hrs total (still on my pilot course) and was by myself and it was a success. Some months later another student had the same problem with that B47 but wrote the thing off, his auto didn't go to good. #3) was with a FH1100 the engine quit at about 300ft the auto was a success but in small trees, had to get new blades. #4) was with a B206L the engine went to idle by itself (fuel control decel) again successful autorotation. The next couple of full autos were done when I decided to turn throttle off myself due to fires, #5) One B47 engine on fire, landed in a field successful auto but damage due to fire. #6) B206 gas heater fire in winter, landed in a newly cut powerline, successful auto but back end of the 206 was damaged from the fire. Had 1 tail-rotor failure in flight FH1100 (fixed pitch) landed successfully but slight damage to the skids from the running landing. Also did one long auto, B205, more like a mixed of autorotation and engine on from 19500ft back down to 13,000ft where staging was. Engine oil pump shaft sheared.
Also had one engine out on a B212 at about 12000ft but managed to come back to base (in Ecuador). Lost an engine in 2 occasions in B214ST and one precautionary shutdown again in a B214ST which is not really an issue in a ST, you don't say a word and nobody will notice.
One complete loss of electrical power in a 214ST, not one system was left on, no scass, no nothing only 2 engines left, it is a little bit of a challenge to land the beast with nothing left on. On this one didn't need to say a word, everybody noticed. lol


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