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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
"...we cannot feed ourselves". What nonsense!. We've relied on importing food since Napoleonic times but never gone hungry, even under blockade and world war. In the exceptionally unlikely (and costly for them) event of the EU refusing to sell us food there are multiple alternatives. You're just raising project-fear to an idiotic new level.
Allied to the above, in terms of fatuous observations that is.....

" As you said the only time that we have come close to being unable to get enough food was when we were losing 30,000 merchant seamen in the Battle of the Atlantic so why would you expect that to happen again?"

Apart from a wholly unwarranted, but for JB standard regression to Germany and WW2, there are a few minor details to consider.

One being the growth in population ( and please, don't lets resort to another JB obsession ..immigration ...here ) another is the far more expansive diet we now enjoy and have come to expect. Along with something called "healthy eating " which has always been a neat bit of strap line advertising given it's misleading in part.

Then there's the source(s) of this food...true, we have trade deals with some countries but, we can't exactly expect them to ramp up production for the benefit of the UK consumer....apart from in the minds of those Empire of the past lovers that is.....and even if they did, or could, in this world that's going to cost. Strange that. New trade deals ?......just another piece of paper contained in the "In tray " of this Gov't as not a lot has materialised thus far.

Of course, we could stop exporting food to the EU, after all once allegedly free of their demonic influence the EU can struggle without us, but there may be a problem with income here and of course, the EU wouldn't dare reciprocate against the almighty Imperial power of the UK.

We could, of course, change our eating habits, stop wasting food, kick Tabatha and Tarquin out of Sales and marketing as I've said before and consume perfectly edible veg which isn't the "perfect" shape.

However, as the potential for food shortages is simply a figment of the "project fear " imagination here on JB. some of you will still be emulating truffling pigs in your daily consumption ...you hope.
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