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Ken, the situation may not be quite so absolute as you suggest.

A stalled wing does not mean no lift, just insufficient lift for the conditions; see Cl vs AoA charts.
So for roll ‘control’ all that might be required is to generate a difference in the remaining lift distribution between the wings; using aileron, spoilers, etc.
Similarly for the fin/rudder, although I would agree it would be less effective depending on aircraft type and AoA.
The ability to recover depends on what effect roll has in unmasking the tailplane/elevator, and/or changing the pitching moment, or AoA. Some have suggested asymmetric thrust.

AFAIR few if any modern commercial aircraft have a locked in deep stall characteristics.
Any DC9, MD 80, B717, B727, C5, C17, Dash 8, Embraer, ATR, Beech, TU, expertise out there; facts not fiction ?
BAe146, Avro RJ, although predicted, no deep stall situations were identified during flight tests.

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