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Where do FR24 get their aircraft reg linked to scheduled future flight data?

Been trying to plot delays for a party of friends just left the Mediterranean headed northwards (on time!) for warmer climes (such is the times!)

I was confident I knew the reg no of their aircraft even before they read it from the hull as they boarded, but FR24 told me it was going somewhere else and another aircraft was scheduled to do their flight.

And so it remained until the aircraft taxied and lit up on live plots in FR24. Same was true about the aircraft which was originally scheduled to do their flight but wouldn't be arriving for a while yet.

Currently the aircraft they are on is now shown by FR24 as going where they are going (that's handy!) but it is also shown some 30 minutes after it became airborne in a second FR24 data record today as still going to its original destination a bit later. It'll be defying the laws of physics if it ever manages such a feat today!

I can work it out what's been juggled, and I was guessing they might do it sometime before boarding, but I just wondered if anyone knew where FR24 gets that particular data and why their algorithms aren't quite up to the job of filtering out the nonsense data the moment it becomes nonsense according to their own better data through other streams!
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