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Thanks for the reply ETOPS.

The elephant in the room here for me is this.....

Whilst I am normally loath to indulge what some might consider conspiracy theory, the coincidence here in known facts seems compelling.

The day before the MH370 incident, the leader of the Malaysian opposition party finally lost his long running legal battle on trumped up charges of sodomy, obviously designed to discredit and neutralise his threat. He was a known friend of the PIC. Giving the Captain possible motive to embarrass the standing government in the best way he knew how. We'll never know if this is what actually happened, but it does strike me as plausible.

The most disappointing thing about the final report must be that subsequent to Anwar's release and royal pardon upon the recent change of government, there still seems to be reluctance to discuss this aspect within MAS and political circles.

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