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I think, irrespective of who the POTUS is, that we expected this.

We know that the continuity of the Kim regime is the first priority in Pyongyang and that such weapons and delivery systems are viewed by those there as an insurance policy. Whether they are a foolproof insurance is open for debate, but that is obviously how Kim and his posse seem to view them.

Second, assuming that the seeds of progress were truly sown in Singapore, there is a lot of existing inertia that any process forthgoing needs to fight against.

On the other hand, the regime might be sitting back and watching Trump and many in the U.S. establishment (those in actual office and those close in think tanks, etc.) bleating out renewed threats against Iran. They see re-doubling their efforts to have big weapons as a way to ensure the threat of force is not directed their way.

I will be anxious to see what reporting and analysis 38 North brings forward on this.

The game plays on and on and on. A living breathing definition of the word intractable...
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