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Mh370 final report

MH370 final report out.

So what’s new in this report? To start with, the report says the turn back after IGARI had to be manually flown, the rate of turn was too high for any automatic mode.

This must mean the pilots were faced with massive electrical failures sufficient to knock out the autopilot. The aircraft was then seen on primary radar to meander and not maintain any fixed level(phugoid?).

With communication/electrical failures, followed shortly after by pilot incapacitation, we are surely looking at a decompression caused by the rupture of the crew oxygen cylinder in the avionics bay under the flightdeck. No other scenario fits so neatly. There are not many failures that will allow passive flight to fuel exhaustion. The pilots have finally been cleared of any nefarious acts.

Without hard evidence the officials will not speculate about any cause, they only report known facts. As the final crash site is unlikely to be found, it’s going to be down to us, ppruners to fill in the gaps.

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