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Originally Posted by Chris Scott View Post
Hi ehwat,

This discussion about the use of aileron to help counter a swing - rather than helping prevent one happening in the first place - has been most interesting and enlightening for me, but I doubt it has much relevance in this particular case. I'm sure you'd agree that the primary means of directional control on take-off and landing remains the rudder. Judging from the information in the video linked above, the conditions were such that secondary techniques - such as aileron, asymmetric power, differential brake or the locked tail-wheel - would have been unnecessary to keep the a/c straight above taxiing speed.
Correct but knowing where to swing your ailerons on the roll when you run out of rudder authorities, like it seems happened, would have helped.
playing hard with your ailerons while just barely airborne is a recipe for disaster, even if a DC-3 can pull itself away and go flying from a very slow speed. This as long as (once in the air) you don’t play with your controls and keep a decent angle of attack.

They were an obstacle on their way at some point, hence the yanking up and wing walking.
Sh!t happen, nobody is immune to it. That was a pretty good one though..

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