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I just received this invitation to online assessment, of course, I needed to pay €55.
Can You give me some tips, how to prepare? What they asking about.

I finished this part and passed.

First 5 exercise was like a video game, quite easy. I think no needed special preparation.

Then ATPL it was multiple choice, but time was limited- 30 questions in 10 minutes. So You have about 20 second on each.... and it was a normal ATPL question like on an exam. Sometimes reading a question and answers takes about 20 seconds. Last 5 questions was blind shooting.

And last part: video interview. You read a question and have 30-60 sec for it and preparation. Then You need to talk lil bit.
Prepare standard HR questions like: Why RYR? Your strenghts. Tell me about You aviation career etc.

Good Luck Guys!

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