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Pilloting: now there is a question. Extreme answer followed by a realistic one. CAP is 90hrs and minimum credit per day is 4:30 so if you are junior doing the crap nobody else wants then you will see 10 days off. If your senior and picking exactly what you want (JSS supposedly will allow this with some built in safe guards designed by BALPA to ensure fairness ��....yeah right) you could reach CAP in about 10-12 days. Ok the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. 12 days off if your junior and perhaps 15 days off if your senior and you bid for max credit trips.

Thats SH. Cannot really comment on LH too much. But some working days LH start at 8 or 9 in the evening or end at 6-7 in the morning so it can throw it out a bit. It’s like a night DME on SH. I don’t view it as two days work but officially it is
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