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Originally Posted by Constant92 View Post
Hi youngretired, it would me most helpful if you could describe what went wrong during your selections. My initial impressions were the opposite, everyone was nice, there were no surprises. Thanks.
It was a long trip for me to get Vilnius on time for the selections and I've made it on time. Obviously, being precise at timing was not their priority. I've been told to wait for the interviewer almost five hours on a couch in the lobby. The lady who suppose to interview me asked for a leave (I assume) and another lady took care of me after her scheduled skype interviews. There was no site seeing or sim-shows for me either. Waiting, drinking tea and water and more waiting. Loud students playing around and some more waiting. In the meanwhile the marketing people were not there for me to say hi.

My assumption is; before the compass tests and interviews, they already have an idea which candidates are more desirable for the companies and you'll be treated with this prejudice. I'm also surprised by people says in this forum how the people were nice etc. The only nice person was the admin lady who took care of me with little chat and couple cups of tea.

Those are my first impression about the BAA and our further interactions with them were not succeeded to change it to a better way. It's been a while since I was there and I'm not here to play any blame game. This forum has long pages of stories about this type of ATOs having their good and bad times, and as we are not their stakeholders, it's better to tell young folks when and how they are bad and what to expect.
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