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I have been looking at the whole BA/EZY deal for a while. I ran the figures a few days ago and it takes 21 years at BA to match the basic at EZY including their loyalty bonus. (SH Captain on PP34) Allowances are roughly similar so forget that one. The difference is pension. BA offer me 16.5% (avcís you see) where EZY offer you 7%. Essentially BA pay a lower basic but your pension or deferred pay is greater. If I were to change one thing about my position it would be to live closer to Heathrow. The commute is crap but honestly I canít live around London. That leaves a commute. Itís only just over an hour but itís a ball ache. Live near London I would take BA. Live near a regional airport I would take a LOCO with the hope of a base move one day. BA is a good company generally but if you are not fussed with LH or donít like living out of a suit case or a Van in a truck stop then there are better options.

Saw that managed path has opened which is great news.
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