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Originally Posted by john_tullamarine View Post
Just having a bit of a trawl through old threads and came across this one.

Now that I think upon it, we haven't had a good set to on lift (that I can recall) for some time.

We probably have a great many new chums who wouldn't have seen this history .. so, I shall play "moderator troublemaker" and bring it back to the top to see what may transpire.

If there be little interest then it will sink rapidly back into the bog whence it came ..
Ok John! (you asked for it)

How does the traditional theory of lift as taught on most groundschools and even at GCSE, explaiin how a paper aeroplane flies? Or a symmetric foil section?

Ive also done the bernoulli sums on a standard NACA section and considering 2D flow only, increased velocity due to "further to go" explains at maximum about 5% of the lift actually generated in accordance with the standard lift equation and experimental Cl figures.

Still check whether the starting vortex forms in the bath with my kids and their toy aeroplane!
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