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Where you are getting such incorrect informations from?
Training manager and students based in Kaunas.

[QUOTE] Can you imagine such big number of cadets and many airlines and they are having 1 plane only serviceable? [ /QUOTE]

This is related to the organisation of the operations which I do complain sometimes about too. My view on this point is that It will surely be fixed quite fast and that lessons will be learned.

P2006T is flying now? This is not correct. They had 2. One is gone from incident last week and another is in maintenance now few weeks and will be again for at least 3/4 more weeks. No multi engine now in the school.
That's what I've been told, "the PT2006 remaining is due to maintenance but in the next weeks not atm".

ATC holidays? Wrong. One ATC left and no replacement for a while. Now imagine to be stuck in the middle of the VFR and no training and nobody want listen.
Well tell me how is this event related to BAA ?
I was thinking that our complains were not considered until one TM told me that they are actually working their *** off in order to get back on track and I don't question her honesty about it, because the tensions within the staff and students have increased due to the displacement of the operations in Spain and the new questions related to this move.

At the same time the school bought 2 new sims and new aircrafts (which doesn't solve the actual problem of the undersized fleet) extending their facilities so I think the money is here, they just need somebody with a strong background at the head of the department, thing's done atm, to focus on this part.

My 2cts
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