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Originally Posted by Jurow View Post
<br />I do complain myself about the organisation but still have the feeling that it's worth the money, assuming you're in a cadet program.<br />
This. I am still at the ground school stage, but I would also agree that BAA is a good option for cadet students in particular. To have a guaranteed job at the price we are paying is invaluable in my opinion and it is precisely the reason why I chose this FTO. Otherwise, I would have most likely chosen the modular route. The price of an integrated ATPL FTE/CAE/L3 was simply too high for me, so BAA with the cadet program I'm in was probably the most sensible decision given my circumstances.

I can only comment about the ground school part of the training - overall we are on track with the schedule, but the school definitely needs to improve when it comes to organisation. They don't have enough ground school instructors which means that the schedule you have received may change, as well as the order of subjects. Communication with the students also needs to be improved. We are awaiting clear information regarding the base in Spain which the training managers don't seem to have yet, this is causing frustration among many students.

As far as the quality of teaching is concerned, it can be hit or miss. For our first subject, our teacher was simply really bad. We informed the school and they dealt with the matter immediately. A few days later we had a new instructor, probably the students' favorite here at BAA. Some of the other instructors are also great (knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engage with the students), some less, some with plenty of experience but not necessarily on top of the ATPL syllabus. Like I said, it can be hit or miss based on my experience.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the flexibility the school gives you with the CAA exams. After each block of subjects, the school will schedule a 2 to 3 weeks CAA exam session. It is however entirely up to you to decide when you want to open a session at the CAA as well to decide on the number of exams you want to take. You can basically open a session at any time and the booking system is very simple. Gives us the students more flexibility, but I can now see that it also creates some issues for the school as students from a particular group end up not finishing the ground school part at the same time.

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