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Originally Posted by Trossie View Post
I love the implication that it was "the EU wot dun it" in improving British food!!! I remember very good food in Britain before 1 Nov 1993. But then, I suppose it depends on where you were looking for your food.

What tosh that we won't still be able to make sandwiches. That is really scraping the barrel for anti-Brexit fear propaganda!
Now where did I say it was all down to the EU...a pure figment of your imagination here...and I was referring to food quality and variety back in the 70's ( and before ) not in the 90's. And nowhere does it say we won't be able to make sandwiches only that the ingredients may be in short supply and cost a lot more.

We bought our food from shops like everybody else.....sorry to shatter your illusion we were scavenging .
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