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Originally Posted by Trossie View Post
I love the implication that it was "the EU wot dun it" in improving British food!!! I remember very good food in Britain before 1 Nov 1993. But then, I suppose it depends on where you were looking for your food.

What tosh that we won't still be able to make sandwiches. That is really scraping the barrel for anti-Brexit fear propaganda!
What KnC has written is largely true; how much of the improvement in the UK culinary experience was down to the influence, or otherwise, of the EU is open to debate; I personally think they had little to do with it.

HOWEVER, take a look at where the majority of the UK's Broccoli comes from, and our supplies of (pretty awful) out of season strawberries come from, or our cauliflowers. It's the EU, and in the (unlikely) event of no deal these perishables are going to either have to be flown in, or picked when they are less ripe than is the case now, and there will be no guarantee of transit times due to the vagaries of customs clearance, examination and the like. And they will be pricier because of this, and because of the import duties that may well be applied.

Curiously some of products that have really broadened our palate in recent years come from outside the EU - and we are told by Brexiteers that we pay far too much for these because of restrictive trade practices, but if that were the case then asparagus grown in Peru or Mexico would be way more expensive than the home grown stuff, which it isn't - it is just of lower quality, because it has by necessity spent too long in transit.

I'm sure some Brexiteers really believe that returning to the days of sprouts, carrots, cabbage and very little else through the winter months is a price worth paying for their holy grail, many people will think it is not.
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