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Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
Project fear is alive and well.

I'm too young to remember life before the EU but I am presuming we could feed ourselves and manage to knock up a sandwich.
It's a shame, but not unexpected, that you didn't read the rest of the article before joining in the chorus .Had you done so the impracticalities of storing food would have become clear as would the potential for a rise in costs, although you seem quite blasť about costs ( see HS2 ) and why people get upset about increases that can be avoided.

As for UK food prior to us joining the EU it was basically bland, uninspiring, unappetizing and unhealthy......still is with regard to junk of course....and chicken n chips / scampi n chips was about your lot in a pub. Sandwiches were dire and basic.

"He also blocks anyone that dares to disagree with him "

And there was me thunking he was a former footballer and not, say, a former commissioned officer in the RAF or an M.o.D scientist for example, or other occupations that have the same reticence when confronted with criticism on here....
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