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Could this be more of a "please don't leave for Emirates, but if you really want to then we'll offer you a return if 3 years"? I know another UK low cost airline was thinking of setting up this kind of agreement because at the time they were losing quite a few pilots to Emirates and they thought it might help at least get the pilots back in the future.

Anyway, I can't imagine why any Easyjet pilots would want to join Emirates at the moment. The money is no longer good enough with the cost of living going up and up every month. The rosters are ridiculous and they are so short of crew that they have had to reduce crews to 3 pilots on some ULR trips and also reduced the cabin crew compliment by 2 on ULRs. Imagine what this is doing to the level of fatigue, safety and service! I can't be bothered to go into all the other issues - you just need to look at the many other threads on this forum.

Such a shame that what was once one of the best airlines in the world to work for has turned into one that is treating it's crews the way it is and making so many pilots want to leave and go and work for low cost companies back home.

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