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Originally Posted by Ebbie 2003 View Post
I missed the comment on my previous post.

Seems to validate what I thought, it just didn't seem right.

That said, they are in the selling services business - I did ask what I had to do - maybe if I'd marched in and boldly said I want to rent your PA28 I would have got a better response.

I wasn't going to do it but for the record - Earls Colne - I'l be back in a couple of months maybe someone will show them this thread😆
Ebbie I think a few of us FAA ticket holders have met the same response at least once. The first flight school I approuched insisted my FAA cert meant "Jack Sh*t" in the UK and I would have to go through the whole PPL training process again, it wasn't easy to find anyone who knew the correct regulations, and even after phoning the CAA and emailing who I was told to contact within their organisation I never received a reply from them.

Anyway I did find a flight school who did dig up the info and gladly took me on board to go through the procedures, I'm almost there now and in the final stages of form filling....

Strange how my UK buddies go on holiday to the US and simply do a standard rental checkout and are legal to take to the skies, but sadly it's not reciprocated in the UK.
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