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Originally Posted by Nurse2Pilot View Post
Thanks for the responses!

The plan is to read the books in a nice, leisurely fashion in the hopes that I am able to absorb the material more effectively than if I were to blitz through them.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! However, proficiency in one field does not automatically translate to proficiency (or understanding) in another field. We will see!

I'm curious regarding the recommendation of more stuff to read. Won't mixing US rules just confuse someone who is taking the exams and flying in UK/EU airspace?

Are those by the Pilot Training System channel?
Yes they are the ones and although they are narrated in an American accent, principles of flight, weather, aircraft general knowledge etc. are the same no matter which side of the pond you are on. A Cessna 152 in the US has the same instruments as a Cessna 152 in the UK. A lot of the rules are the same all over the world because it just makes things a lot safer.
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