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My post was in repose to an earlier post suggesting Ryanair and EasyJet would be bad for DSA. The point I was attempting to make was that DSA needs as many brands as possible to be considered a contender for consumer choice. All the best airports have multiple carriers offering similar if not the same routes, but the competition stimulates growth. How are the brands attracted - firstly by offering exactly the same concessions to them as the incumbents. From the outside it appears rightly or wrongly TUI and BE are being protected from competition by Peel in exchange for their commitment to the airport, but this in turn is stifling and prospective growth with new/old carriers. A KLM 2 daily AMS (like at DTV!!! ) would wipe the floor with BE - what’s more Peel know Ryanair can co exist with Easy from their experiences at LPL.

That's assuming said carriers are actually interested in DSA or may feel ir would drain away passengers from there other airports. And KLM would be targeting different types of passengers to Flybe
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