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Originally Posted by simone993 View Post

Thank you!!!
Am I required to present a report of the beyne test that includes test results, machine settings and all the oculistic stuff? Because if itís necessary Iíll ask the AeMC where I performed the test to release me this document and so Iíll be more relaxed for the next renewals or conversion. Do you know if are there problems to convert into CAA UK because in their site they say lantern test are not nowadays performed and not accepted by them. Is it only refer to an-initio candidates?
That's a good point. I would guess it is only for people getting the MC1 for the first time. Otherwise, pilots with successful careers on passed lantern tests would lose their medical and job. The question is whether this also applies to people who already have an EASA MC1 from another European country and would like to convert it into a EASA UK MC1...?
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