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Originally Posted by pholling View Post
The CAA report is crap, i.e. so poorly written that it boarders on arbitrary. However, it seems MAN clearly has or has had issues with the handling of disabled passengers. It is also pretty clear that the airlines are probably even worse. I would guess that there are some airlines that are much worse than others and are also much less likely to be willing to pay for quality service at an airport. Smaller airports tend to do better, and this may be because they are 'minimum gauge' on the service, where as the larger airports are much more dependent on specific staffing levels. Incidentally, this isn't a survey and the CAA doesn't make directly, accessible reference to the passenger satisfaction survey results for individual airports, just the industry as a whole.
However it also states that, 1) the stats provided by the airport demonstrate poor performance and 2) that the airport accepted that their performance has been unacceptable.

You can dismiss it as 'crap', but the fact is that this is yet another piece of evidence which correlates with an ongoing pattern of poor service and increasing customer dissatisfaction.
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