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Originally Posted by givemewings View Post
Ah yes, I knew without looking when notified of a reply who it would be from.

Dropp you never fail do you? You know what, you're absolutely right. It DOES change things. The fact is, I prefaced my statement with 'ever WORKED for EK'. I did work for them. For a good chunk of years too. And you know what? I agree with you. My being a CC and not a pilot DOES make a difference. It means that my rosters were even more constricted and more fatiguing because CC were subject to higher hour limits, and lower requirements for rest. So yeah, while my experience may not be entirely the same as that of a pilot, it is was no less damaging to my health and I argue that it may have been more so. Ever done a 132 BLOCK hour month? Stop trying to invalidate my experiences because you have some issue with non-pilot aviation staff in this forum. I hope you don't let that chip on your shoulder show when on the job, because if your attitude is the same there you can't be very pleasant to fly with. It's people with attitudes like this that cause the 'us vs them' mentality that EK love to abuse so much. We're all on the same team, CC are not your enemy.

I'm not sure what it is that makes you always nitpick my posts in particular, other than our differing career paths in the same industry, but then again I suppose it's your problem and not mine.
The problem here is that there are pilots reading this thread looking for information relevant to the experience of being an Emirates pilot and not Emirates cabin crew. Whilst your experiences are valid they are arguably irrelevant.

If you don't preface your posts with such information then you distort the message. It took me a while to work out your angle and no disrespect intended but I generally (this exchange excluded) disregard what you post for that reason.

It's got nothing to do with "pilots vs cabin crew". Is there even such a thing?
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