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when you are off at home you are enjoying a couple of days with your kids or family at home maybe having dinner at home and go out the next day ...
said like someone who's never worked for EK. Did you even read the threads? I mean ACTUALLY read them? The way things now you are not "enjoying" anything on days off. You're dealing with life through a constant fog of fatigue unlike anything you will experience anywhere else. Add to that having to deal with the mind numbing incompetence of people around you that steals yoyr time off for trivial matters the company loves to waste time with and you pretty much barely have time to scrape yoursrlf into a semblance of feeling human before the next trip. Forget "sleep recovery"; it doesn't exist.

and that's not even accounting for those who you know, have kids to consider. They take up time too.

speaking gor myself, this was with pretty non existent social life in the last 12 months of EK. I was using my time off to sleep and scrape through. Not that i didnt want to go out, you just end up at a point where you feel your health draining and know a big night will be tge end of you for a while. Remember, it seems sick leave is a privilege not a right it if you ask the dear employer... so dont count on that to 'save' you

finally, NOTHING is free in EK. You pay dearly for it in many, many ways
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