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Red face

Originally Posted by VinRouge View Post
Probably more to do with a bunch of people calling for Brexit, resulting in trashed forward GDP predictions, trashed exchange rate, reduced departmental budgets and the resultant reduction in capability.
And you have the brass neck to call some other un-named types swivel-eyed.

Was such a spittle-flecked outburst really necessary, especially when it has less than two fifths of the square root of sweet FA to do with the original subject matter of the thread, which is how the system disposes of obsolete or near obsolete kit?

As another contributor has noted already, much as it should offend a lot of us, by the same token it does not surprise many of us. Its what happens when you have weak and ineffective leadership at senior political and military levels and a civil service staffing roles where the culture is to do the bare minimum possible in order to collect ones pension without getting fired first. Sadly, it is a culture that has been creeping endemically and exponentially across pretty much the entirety of public service since 1997.
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