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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
Rad girl would you explain that? The probability of a serious health event such as heart attack or stroke is very much higher at 65 than 50, and the curve gets steeper still into the 70's This is not a matter of opinion; you seem to be disputing this basic fact of life.
Read her post properly.

She argued that the risk now at age 65 was less than the risk at age 50 had been a couple of decades ago but yet that was considered acceptable then. The point being that things have moved on in terms of lifestyle, fitness and medical oversight since the age limits were established yet the rules have not taken account of the changes.

I've flown with people on the cusp of forced retirement who are still razor sharp and light years ahead of some of the doddery old buffers who still have another five years to go and massively fitter than the obese 45 year old heart attack waiting for a place to happen that can hardly get into the aircraft and certainly could not get out in a hurry.

I've known a 50 year old drop dead two days after a class 1 medical. I've known a 60 year old diagnosed with advanced Alzheimers the month after he retired.

It should be about proper medical supervision that allows the people who are fit and wish to remain flying to do so and identifies those who are not fit and puts them on the ground.

The limit is arbitrary and therefore unfair and therefore discriminatory. But I don't believe for a second it's going to change any time soon.
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